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Number of Patches:
Patch Size:

Base Fabric:

Base Fabric:

Polyester Twill is our standard base for embroidered patches. We have approximately 90 twill colours available to choose from. If you cannot find a twill that is close enough to the colour you want we can look at using a thread colour and producing a patch with 100% thread coverage to match your required base colour as close as possible.


Felt is used for uniform badges on dress military or civilian uniforms, jackets and some motorcycle patches.


No of Thread Colours:
Metallic Threads Required:

Patch Shape:

Patch Shape:

Standard geometric Shape Any standard shape that does not have frequent changes in the shape or direction of the outer edge.


Custom Shape Any shape that has odd or frequent changes in shape or direction of the outer edge.


Border Type:

Border Type:

Merrowed Border A heavy overlocked border, added to the finished patch. Generally not suitable for iron-on patches as it is applied after the heat-seal is applied.


Laser Cut Border Used to cut out standard and odd shaped profiles. Best used for iron-on patches as the heat seal is then covers the entire patch right to the laser-cut edge.



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