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Motorcycle Patches

Nobodys social crew motorcycle club patch

Zen Promotional are affordable suppliers of custom made embroidered motorcycle patches specifically for motorcycle clubs and biker jackets. Zen Promotional use quality felts, twills and 100% polyester thread for toughness, UV resistance and colour fastness. Specialised techniques such as laser cutting and application of plastic backings and Velcro can be applied to give the end product a unique look and feel.

Zen promotional have highly skilled digitisers that can turn any logo or design into a great looking motorcycle patch. Whether your design is in vector or raster format or a hand drawn image we can convert and design your custom club patches.

embroidered biker patches, custom made

Preparing your Design

No matter what type of artwork you have you have, we will review and assess your artwork for free and advise you on what steps need to be taken to turn it into an embroidered patch.

Choosing the correct options for your patch is very important and can make all the difference to the outcome of your finished product. Our staff will offer you the right advice to make sure your patch will look the best that it possibly can.

With a minimum order quantity of just 10 pieces and an all-inclusive pricing structure, you'll find ordering patches from us to be an easy process. Simply call us on (03) 5002 0442 or (02) 9011 7057 (Mon - Fri, 9:00am - 5:30pm AEST) or submit your enquiry via or Instant Quote Form for a on the spot indicative price. (Prices shown live on the website)

Social motorcycle club patches

Design Options

When designing your embroidered patch we are able to offer you a full range of options to complement the look, design and function of your badge. These options include metallic threads, merrowed and laser cut borders and felt, plastic and Velcro backings.

Quality control

We take quality control very seriously. We have a multi stepped QC process to make sure that no mistakes are made in the manufacturer of your patches.

  • Step 1. We provide you with a digital PDF proof of your patch design with full product specifications.
  • Step 2. We provide you with a PDF Proof of your digitising and stitch pattern. (Optional Step)
  • Step 3. We provide you with a scan of your pre-production sample for thread colour and design approval.
  • Step 4. Check patch design and colours before dispatch.
Biker patches and club patches custom made

100% Replacement Guarantee

We offer a 100% replacement guarantee on all of our embroidered patches. If your patches are faulty, or there is a mistake in the patch print or if your patches are not exactly what you ordered then we will happily replace your order for free. **Replacement guarantee subject to manufacturing tolerances

Free Samples

If you would like to check out the quality of our workmanship before making a purchase then why not contact us to request some free samples. Simply call us on (03) 5002 0442 or (02) 9011 7057 to order yours today.

Further Information

Are embroidered patches right for me?

This mainly depends on your design and intended application. If you want the nice look of embroidery and you are willing to compromise on artwork modifications if required, then embroidered patches are most likely for you. If you have very detailed and complex artwork that cannot be easily modified without taking away major elements or the look of your design then printed patches may be your only option.

motorcycle club event patches

Limitation of Embroidered Patches

In relation to your artwork or design embroidered patches do have limitations. Just like printing, embroidery has a limit to its resolution, (the number of stitches that can be laid down in 1 inch and how small we can make a stitch). We are also restrained when it comes to dealing with gradients, and they must be dealt with in a different way to a printed gradient.

Patch Resolution

When making a patch we are limited around 75tpi (threads per/inch). However different thread patterns will be used in different situations to make the patch look as close as possible to the original artwork provided. So the main thing to remember is that when you get your patches made up, don't expect a high resolution finish like a printed patch and don't expect everything to have high resolution edges because they won't. Due to the needles moving around when they are moving up and down and punching through the backing they will never strike the exact same position, so every patch will have slight differences. No two patches will be exactly the same. We are also limited to how narrow we can make a line. this is limited to about 0.75mm. Any narrower than this and we need to use a straight stitch.

Patch Gradients

When it comes to gradient (one colour blending into another) depending on where the gradient is being used, we tend to either choose to replace it with a solid colour or use 2 - 3 thread colours to try to replicate the gradient. How noticeable a change in thread colour will be will depend on how wide apart the colours are from each other. As an example shading from black to white will be very noticeable but transitioning from yellow to a slightly darker yellow will turn out much better.

Patch Materials

When it comes to manufacturing a high quality product, the type of materials you use will play a large part in not only the overall look and feel of the patch but also the longevity, washability and its ability to stand up to the wide variety of applications that they can be used in. Zen Promotional only use the best quality threads, twills, felts & iron-on heats seals. Our polyester threads are made strong and will hold their colour for the life of your uniform. Polyester thread is our preferred thread of use as it will stand up to tougher treatment than Rayon. Our patches are designed to stand up to commercial washing and have excellent UV resistance. Our iron-on heat seal is an imported product from the USA which has excellent adhesion compared to other cheaper heat seals. Other backings include Velcro and peel and stick self-adhesive backings.

Patch Applications

Embroidered and felt patches can be used for many applications. Their main use is for branding of clothing, such as emergency services, commercial and military uniforms, hats, work wear, sportswear and branded clothing lines. However they can also be used for branding luggage, bags or other items where a high quality logo or brand is required. It is also possible to make items such as embroidered key rings.

Ordering Process

Ordering your embroidered patches an easy process. Simply call us on (03) 5002 0442 or (02) 9011 7057 (Mon - Fri, 9:00am - 5:30pm AEST), or visit our contact us page. Alternately you can save time by completing our Instant Quote Form. If any of these methods are unsuitable please email us and let us let us know your phone number, the size of the patch you would like, the number of pieces you require and the backing you would like, such as sew on, iron-on heat seal, Velcro or self-adhesive. It is also helpful if you can email us a copy of your artwork or design so we can give you a more accurate quote. We usually respond to 90% of enquiries within 1 hour or less during business hours. If you are after printed patches then these can be ordered directly online by visiting https://zenpromotional.com.au/patches-badges/full-colour-printed-patches.html

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