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Woven Patches

Woven patches are manufactured using polyester thread on a loom. Unlike an embroidered patch this process allows your design to be woven directly into the weave of the finished fabric for a much higher resolution and sharper finish than is possible with embroidery. Woven patches are generally around the same price as embroidered patches, however they do have a higher minimum order quantity.

Zen Promotional are highly experienced in designing and digitising any artwork to be turned into a woven patch. With up to 12 thread colour (more than any in the industry) we have to ability to handle even the most complex jobs.

Woven patches are usually called upon when a customers design is highly complex or has a lot of fine detail that would make their design difficult to embroider. Through the use of woven patches are able to produce text down to 1mm in height and lines the thickness of a thread.

As woven patches are very thin, we have a number of methods to make them thicker so that they feel like a normal patch. These include the use of iron-on heat seal, felt and Velcro. We are also able to add satin stitch and merrowed borders. Patches can be heat or laser cut into any shape making these patches a truly versalite product.

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